Thursday, June 21, 2012

I have a date this Saturday

so... I finally worked up the nerve to call up the Filipino girl (DAMN SHE IS FINE!) and made a date for Friday (tomorrow), but she called back and re-scheduled for Saturday. She has a very amazing vibe about her. I think she is one of those old school women who cooks, cleans, looks after her man, etc.. basically the opposite of what an average American woman is like.

it's really interesting looking at my progress. A couple of things that really helped me to get through all of this and I am still getting over it. I can't just say I made it when I just approached and got 1 #. Maybe I'll talk about the things that helped me later. But for now, I need to focus on this date.

I am going to do some research as far as dating goes. and even if it doesn't go too well, this woman strikes me as so amazing and down to earth, she wouldn't judge me or think i'm a loser. maybe I read her aura subconciously and just KNEW I HAD to approach her because of her amazing body (at least the attraction on my part), and her vibe. maybe that's why me not approaching her that first day I saw her fucked me up so much. I knew on a subconcious level that she is very different. and she is, let me tell you. when I approached I thought I was going to do all the work like 90/10, me talking 90%, her 10. and the same i expected when I called her. But she is totally different. very talkative, engaging, and blushes when i say stuff like "hey, i was thinking about you" or "i think you're cute".

ANYWAY, in no way am i putting her on a pedistitle. I am just making a point in which she surprised me with her warm personality. it's really rare I meet women like that nowadays. but then again, I don't approach much so that could be part of the reason. and when I do meet someone so warm, it kinda throws me off on some "wow.. women like that exist out there?"

Will blog about the date on what happened.


Cory Chase said...
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Paz said...

congratulations, man. i'm proud of you, man. very proud of you. you'll be fine, man. no matter how it goes, you should pat yourself on the back for what you did. hopefully, you and her hit off where you can get yourself in a relationship and experience romance and eventually sex.

Sp said...

thanks my dude. yeah, if she is an open minded, non judgemental type of girl this could actually happen. who knows...