Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Again

so i lit up just a few minutes ago. it will be the last time i get high for a while. but man the craziest thing happened to me. basically to make a long story short, i ended up with a whole lot of weed and only paid for for 1/5th that. whoever sold this to me was either confused as hell, and gave me the wrong bag, or dumped off a crappy weed on me. so basically i got stuck with this shit whether i like it or not. and its like man... i like weed but not that much.

anyway, i should be greatful. but i guess since im not a pothead, i can get high off of 1 gram for a month, wtf i need 1/8th for? so yeah, im just like chilling and come across this video.

stop thinking about anything for a minute, forget you exist. just watch this while listening to the music. afterwards, youll feel much better. i promise

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