Monday, January 30, 2012

dream of Chris Bown sock his girl

I had a dream that I didnt even jot into my journal. so i forgot most of it but it was Chris Brown with his new g/f. at first they were together and then the next day (I think after he got some ass) she did something she wasnt supposd to or something Chris didnt agree with, and then he comes up from behind her and.. BAM! socked her from behind. then he called his friends on his cell, talked some shit about the girl, and no one talked to her after that. then Chris just ignored her for the rest of the time and dumped her.

DAMN CHRIS! beating Rhiana's ass wasn't enough for you huh!?? you sick bastard..

1 comment:

Paz said...

sounds like you've just foreseen the future as we know it. once a wifebeater, always a wifebeater.