Thursday, January 19, 2012

being sick sucks

so on Sunday I had a fly fly into my left eye and i'm not sure if that was the cause but next day i got a little sick. then on tuesday i got so sick i thought i was going to die. i usually get sick that bad 1-3 years once. but outside of that i'm fine.

i was better wednesday but couldnt sleep all night and managed to get a few hours in just earlier. at times like these i question why im alive because being that sick is so painful, that i wish id be dead. but here i am still breathing and doing good.

i gotta plan though. im getting on a schedule where ill be going to bed and getting up at same time. no more slacking around. im taking charge of my life and my destiny. life... HERE I COME!


Paz said...

yo... what up space. long time, no speak. hopefully you're feeling better from being ill and all. so what you been up to?

Sp said...

what up paz. I been looking for work and find ways to build my life from scratch. funny how I got a degree and still don't have a profession. 32 years old and still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up. anyway, what YOU been up to? you are MIA 99% of the times whenever I or anyone replies to your blog. but I saw your last post and I see you're doing better. that's good man. I myself have been meditating, burn a candle few hours a day before going to bed, and things get better little by little. I got something else coming up but I won't talk about that now.

let me know what your life is like. what you do for work? you still live with your fam?

Paz said...

sounds like you're doing well except for the job thing. what are you looking to do?

me, yeah everything's the same. i'm in the same boat as you with the job situation. i'm either thinking about getting a job with the police or going off to law school. i'm looking at the latter option though because i think practicing law is much better than being a police officer running around in a badge telling people what to do. either way, i need the money. i can't see myself just wasting away my degree like that.

i'm doing the same shitty job but i'm job hunting right now. i still live with the fam but as soon as i get myself situated, i'm moving the fuck out pronto. i also have another issue going on in my life right now that i won't mention on here. it's very personal. yo... hit me up on the email, man if you want to talk some more. it's been a good while. there's some shit that's been going on that i can't say on here or even on my blog.

Sp said...

right now looking to get into an IT field. but the competition is high.

and at least you work with constant flow of income.

but yeah man, if you wanna catch up, e-mail me.