Monday, September 19, 2011

sohh is sad as hell

i honestly dont know why i came back there, but i'm out of that bitch. probably will check back in for the next week. but after that i'm out for good.

came there to see if any people actually think differently. nope. they still are ignorant as hell, 12 year old kids running around throwing racial slurs, insulting each other, degrading each other, "sonning" each other. probably 35 year olds are still sitting there watching bet and 106&park.

i posted a few spiritual videos, and one dude already went from accusing me of having "demonic" tendencies, spreading demonic music, and summoning demons with power that dont belong to me. WTF!?!?!? i really dont get these fundamentalist Christians, man. do they ever wake up one morning thinking to themselves "is everything taught to me a lie?" obviously not. brainwashed sheep. that's what they are. i think majority of them are on sohh, because i get like 1 or 2 replies to my videos. the rest are just trolls giving me bad rep with trash talking comments. i remember threads like "how is your relationship with God?" before i left. they in there talking about church and reading the Bible, and fearing "God".

the rest of the site is just as pathetic as it was years ago when i left. talking about the SAME shit. same bullshit drama, who fucked who, fake stories of how "i pickup bitches at a welfare office", replies are the same shit too, hahahahahaha omg so funny ahhahaha. videos of fathers beating the shit out of their children and putting it on worldstarhiphop for the world to see, everyone shitting on trojanman because he is a virgin and has his own issues, everyone still arguing about Jay-Z calling him a camel, same retards dick ride Nas like they were years ago, Jack Tripper is still the biggest attention whore on the site like he was when i left, everyone is still on his dick trying to get his attention like he's something special. i honestly don't understand people on websites like sohh who are 30+. that's like being a teenager and going back to a playground to play with little children (no pedo).

but anyway, i wish all the sohh posters luck with their lives. i am done with that website.

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