Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Choppa>95% of the concious rappers

I gotta say, with me not even listening to hip hop anymore Choppa seems like the most down to earth, good guy out there in the music industry. I'm glad things are taking off for him. even if he raps about stupid bullshit like drugs, money, pussy, etc.. God bless him. FUCK these conscious rappers that are just a bunch of self-claimed righteous agenda having ignoramuses. they will talk all about this magic, and spirituality shit, and then turn around and be racist and hateful towards other people. always nit-picking and putting others down but when you see them in the spot light they act like some enlightened souls who know the secrets to the Universe they hardly even understand. props to Choppa for making it. I got a lot of respect for you, and hopefully it will stay that way

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