Thursday, August 25, 2011

Naps are amazing... THANK YOU SETH!

I been struggling with napping but finally my body is used to napping when I'm feeling sleepy. just had a 2 hour nap and I feel.... AMAZING. rejuvinated, like i just ate some food after being hungry for 5 hours straight. i used to be stubborn about napping during the day bein afraid not to sleep during the night. but after i read my first Seth book, he got me looking at it in a different way.

Seth says that back in the cave days we had to be alert and couldn't sleep longer than a few hours while constantly being on the look out for predators. Nowadays with our 9-6 schedules we exhaust our bodies, and then take LONG night rests of 8 hours. hence, why you wake up sleepy not wanting to get up, and then yawning throughout the day. this fucks our bodies up even further due to us overwhelming them with continuous rest, and then work. that's why animals take short naps whenever they feel sleepy, it rejuvinates them, fills them with energy, and keeps them alert for predators. but in our fucked up backwards society, we have completely been disconnected with ourselves. so we overwhelm our bodies during the day, and then during the night. I FEEL GREAT! again, THANK YOU SETH!

Seth talks about the concept of sleep in one of the chapters of Seth Speaks. he says we should nap around 1-2 hours per day, and sleep 4-6 hours per night, or something like that. so I been trying to devide the 8 hours with a nap, and sleep. it's fascinating stuff that I never thought about. I highly recommend reading this book. I just re-edited my review . He even has a book on health. I may check it out in the near future.

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