Saturday, August 27, 2011

my Dad is a clueless fucker

the last time i seen him was when he called me on the phone apologizing begging me to "forgive" him. i went over to his home and it was the same shit... him sitting there not knowing what to say to me or how to talk to me. so i was like.. LOOK, i forgive you for you never being there for me, etc.. but... WHO ARE YOU!?!!? he was all sweating not knowing what to say. i told him, no one knows you. me, my mom, all the members in my extended family have not a single clue who you are. who are you? once you figure it out, call me... and i left.

now a year later i no longer live in LA. last night he calls me leaving a message. "hi, its your father. i miss you. maybe i can come visit, or maybe you can come visit me. we can get together and talk" i was like WTF!?!?!?? ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED!!?!!!?!??! wow.... im speechless. this guy is like a little kid. he just dont get it. and i honestly dont have the patience to baby sit him.

the only thing i gotta say to my biological dad is, PEACE. I'll see you in a next lifetime (hopefully not).

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Paz said...

honestly, it sounds like he wants to have a relationship with you but he doesn't know how to since you're a stranger to him like he's a stranger to you. but then again, you said that he would smack you upside the head and treat you real shitty so that doesn't help either. i dunno, man. do what you feel is best.