Saturday, March 19, 2011

Isis and Ra

I am getting into Egypt. Went to library skimming through every book and then found out about God of Sun - Ra. So, it turns out the Goddess of the Moon is named Isis. Then going really deep into this and it turns out tonight at 6pm the moonrise on west coast. And that this day is the closest day our moon has been to earth within the last 18 years so that was back in 1993. So, tonight supposed to be crazy with the Moon being SO CLOSE that it would probably be 10x its size maybe? I don't know. I want to see it, but it is raining right now, and nothing but clouds. Maybe the moon doesn't want me to see it tonight, and effect me with its energies. Anyway, it's fascinating.

I remember reading about Warlocks (they are a male witch), and they studied and practiced magic to do many things. And the western world oppressed them, burned them at the stake, and created false stories of witches and warlocks being bad and being involved with evil magic. This even goes as back as the webster dictionary, which prints these stereotypes


: one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers; especially : a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar : sorceress — compare warlock
: an ugly old woman : hag
: a charming or alluring girl or woman
: a practitioner of Wicca
and "Wicca" is not "evil". It is just a form of magic. I worked with a girl who was practicing Wicca. They use crystals and any other form of tools that is used by even new age people, like candles, oils, prayers, and rituals. Many of this magic is GOOD, in other words it used to contact your spirit guides, your ancestors for guidance, etc.. So yes, some people chose it for bad but it is a personal choice. I personally, have not found a certain magic fascinating enough for me to study it, but have one crystal book that has Pagan rituals with crystal grids. Like one is to contact your guides, another is to gain prophetic and guiding dreams. understand mystical wisdom. and many others.. I have not tried any YET, but just saying these are common things used by old cultures long forgotten in our western world, and are just shoved in "fantasy magic". 

So, I was going over the Isis Goddess, and found this...

" Militant monotheism dehumanized the Pagans, demonized their gods, and destroyed their civilization in a violent power struggle to gain control of Rome."

This is some fascinating stuff

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