Thursday, April 6, 2017

if Trump starts war with Syria...

he is gonna turn out to be just another globalist controlled puppet to install a Central Bank in Syria. I guess that's the result of hiring some unknown clueless amateur named Jared Kushner as a "Senior Advisor". His business' address is 666 Fifth Avenue. That alone is a bad sign. I really hope this is just one of those Trump tactics where he keeps people guessing, and he isn't really serious when he talks about the propaganda of Assad using "chemical weapons on children."

Who knows... only time will tell... but this will be the biggest backstab to Trump supporters if Trump sells out and goes to war with Assad. We just have to wait and see.

*Edit* just look at this shit


David Free said...

of course he's another globalist. Stupid fncks like you voted him in. If we go to war I wish they'd send all the trump supporters like yourself Fock Donald trump and Israel too

Sp said...

now go jump off a bridge. Trump is no globalist, but is now controlled by them just like any candidate that becomes the POTUS. and if u voted for Hillary, one of the most corrupted politicians in US history, sit down and stfu.