Wednesday, March 18, 2015

why iPhone, along with iTunes, is a piece of shit!

I am DONE with iPhone, and all its BULLSHIT! Before I even go into this, I wanna say that the ONLY thing I like about Apple, is their laptops. if I was never introduced to them, and their OSX with my last job, I would literally not give a flying FUCK about ANY apple product. But I can see how some people hate apple with passion.

I had this iPhone for a few years, and at first I was excited since it was my first smartphone, as well as getting it for free with my internship. But then the more I used it, the more limitations I've noticed. The last thing that really set me off is iTunes.

iTunes sucks! it SUUUUUUUUCKS! it sucks so bad, I would rather not put any new music on my phone as of right now, then to use this useless piece of SHIT! Let me explain.

so I had a MacBook Pro given to me at this current job I am at. it is a 2010 model, so it died on me right away, then I used another one for about a month and a half. I had iTunes on it, and I synced a whole bunch of mp3s that I had bought. then the same thing happened to my replacement Macbook, it died. So, my company supplied me with my 3rd Macbook, same model.

Now I am browsing Robert Monroe site and found a bunch of free mp3s I really wanted to listen to, So I downloaded 2 of them, and wanted to put them on my iPhone. But guess what? all my iTunes shit is gone since it was on my 2nd Mac. And you can't just put one mp3 file on your iPhone if your current computer's iTunes isn't "synced" with it.  So, now my only option would be to ERASE ALL MY DATA ON MY PHONE, IN ORDER TO PUT 1 MP3 FILE ON IT!!! WTF!?!????!?!?! in other words, I would just have that one mp3 on my iPhone and nothing else. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now the ONLY way to get all my mp3s that are ALREADY on my phone AND the 2 mp3s I downloaded on this iPhone, would be to get all my mp3 files from my hard drive that I need to hook up to my mom's desktop by opening that fucker up, copy them over to a USB stick, then copy them over to my Mac, and then re-sync it with these files as well as with my new mp3s. no thank you. WHY CAN'T I JUST AD 1 OR 2 FILES!?!?!?! WHY DO I GOTTA GO THROUGH THIS BULLSHIT JUST TO AD A FREAKING FILE!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!!??!??! FUCK APPLE!!!

iTunes has got to be the most dumbest and retarded player I have EVER used. why can't I just plug my iPhone in, open up my Finder or Windows Explorer, and drag and drop? that's how Android works. that's all you literally have to do, and then you could play your music, watch your movie, or see your picture INSTANTLY! no opening up iTunes, no waiting for your device to pop up, no browsing and finding your file within the player, no syncing, no "this file isn't supported" and you the player must convert that shit that takes extra time, just drag and drop.

and what happens to a file that you synced? it has to remain in the same folder. if you move it, then the STUPID iTunes will say something like "could not sync the file so and so, because it could not be located". so whenever you Sync again, the file(s) that you moved to a different location, would be removed from your device. Apple is so fucking stupid, it really shocks me how many fanboys they have, and how much they defend this fuckery.

I am looking to get either an LG phone or HTC One. FUCK IPHONE!! FUCK IPAD, AND IPOD TOO. they too require the use of iTunes. Apple is ALWAYS behind in technology, I am really confused at how naive their stans are. just look at this shit. PATHETIC!!!

FUCK AN IPHONE! it is nothing more than an overhyped and an overpriced garbage...

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rofl everything about your life sucks