Monday, March 23, 2015


I came across this album by a coincidence, and am surprised at how good it is.

If you like DOPE ASS Hip-Hop beats...


Amazing singing that's good for the soul...

~Santa Barbara~

...and just overall GREAT MUSIC...

~Take Over~ will like this album.

I like 7/14 songs on it, and I RARELY like as much as 5. Here are the songs I really like...

Chains - heard this on the radio and the album kept playing on the PIECE OF SHIT SPOTIFY (a post will be made about this soon)
Wilderness - love this track
Numb - the beat on this is OMFG
Take Over - one of my favs on the album
Santa Barbara - AMAZING SONG!
Closer - a good song to bone to

The album is mainly love songs, but it is very rare I like music like this. Most of the time the songs are mixed with a wack beat/melody and annoying ass love singing. What else can I say, 98% of R&B truly SUCKS! NOT SO in this case.

4/5 stars since I like so many songs.

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