Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fear and OBEs

so I haven't had an Out-of-Body Experience in over a month. I did have one that I didn't even write down in my journal about a week ago. I woke up from my nap, opened my astral eyes, and saw some creature jump across my room, from my window exiting my door. it looked like some sort of a demon at first, but I think it was a monkey. the fear kicked in right away, and I woke myself up shortly after that.

so today I come home from work, eat, and go to take a nap. most times I am unsuccessful due to my insomnia, but I guess my body hasn't been getting enough sleep lately so I fell asleep after about 10 minutes. Then another 10 minutes go by, and I am walking into my room from the outside seeing my bed. At this point, I know I am starting to have an experience. Then I am laying down in my pitch black room, and I'd say about 10% of the light is there that seems to be coming from my window. It is dark outside, but MAN IS IT DARK IN MY ROOM! My fear gets so big, I could feel it penetrating in every part of my body. Vibrations are also there. Fear stops the experience just a little bit, but I get back into it feeling the vibrations still buzzing.  I feel my legs being pulled upwards trying to separate from my body. I haven't been able to separate for months successfully. Then I think to myself "is this my spirit guides pulling me out, or is it me?" I freak out again. It's so dark, and spooky, I freak out even more thinking someone is in the room I can't see and am afraid of being attacked.

I used to think that OBEs are so fun. I used to think that once I start having them, I'll be visiting other planets, and flying through space and time, etc.. but when I actually started to have them, there is so much fear involved, it isn't even funny. I think I just have to get over my fears somehow. I just don't know how. Every time I have an OBE, it's always dark, spooky, and in many cases it's pitch black. All I see is blackness. I also think this will keep on happening until I get over my fears. It's just like stage fright. When I had it, I had nothing but public speaking come up in work or school. Once I got over it, all the public speeches just went away. I wish I could do them more often, but I almost never have to do them for some strange reason. I just hope I get over my fears of darkness, and encountering other beings. Because it's really preventing me from experiencing the spirit world, even when I'm not trying to.

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