Monday, September 8, 2014

My Latest Approach

I haven't done pick-up in a LONG ass time. I forgot what it's like to have that adrenaline, and the amazing feeling afterwards. In fact, I been dying slowly on the inside as a result feeling a complete loss of power. I just don't see myself chasing women in the streets being a 34 year old, who doesn't have his own place, and has nothing to show for. but I digress, today as I am coming out of my class that I am taking in the fall, the elevator is full. I am like fuck it, and take the stairs. As I get down to the first level, I see her. She is this white girl about my height, but her whole body is just..... so juicy. it is thick and voluptuous like Kelly Price, but not to such extreme. Her calves are so thick and sexy I was like HOLY BALLS I HAVEN'T SEEN A GIRL LIKE THAT IN A WHILE!

my routine is usually wack. I usually just ignore, and walk past like I don't notice her. What can I say, the less you approach, the more you fall back into your old ways. But as I follow this girl from the back we almost get to the door and... she stops suddenly. Looks my way. I am not sure if it's towards me or just for any random reason. As I am walking past her right side I check if she has a wedding ring... didn't look like it but still was sort of vague and hard to see. I stop about a meter ahead of her and wait 2 secs. Turn to my right and she is walking back towards elevator. Then she gets there and checks her phone, and looks my way again. This was just weird cuz I'm thinking 'wtf? I don't wanna assume it's for me. but not sure what her problem is'. I don't want to look too much into like I always have in the past. Then she starts walking towards this secluded area and I was like 'MAN THIS IS PERFECT!' I come up to her from her right side and introduce myself, and chit chat with her a little. She started smiling knowing what time it is BOYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! was sort of shocked, as nearly all white girls are when you go direct on them. I don't really give a rats ass at this point. I ask for us to hang out and she says 'If I see you again'. So I'm like coo... and bounce. I could've pushed it but at this point in my life, I am not exactly so enthusiastic going after women considering my living situation, etc..

Afterwards... I was like HELLLLLL YEAH!!!!! All the way home feeling good and thinking about getting back into pickup. my mind is just on a totally different thing right now. I am all about how to get that paper, and build my own life and career. Once I get that part of my life into place, I can worry about pick-up, women, and the rest of the stuff I want to do in life. I NEED my independence! I NEED IT!!!!!!!!

I am not exactly sure if I should wait for her outside after next class next week, or just stop worrying about it and go about my day. I am leaning towards the second because I have been doing the former for far too long.

I feel there will be a part 2 soon. Stay tuned...

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