Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2013 New Years Resolutions

This is my new years resolutions in no particular order. I am keeping them in present tense like it is already happening NOW! Because nothing else exist outside of NOW. There is no past, and there is no future. there is only NOW!!!!!!!!!! never forget that. the time is NOW!

1) I am getting out more
2) I am meeting a LOT more people
3) I am having fun
4) I am meeting friends along the way
5) I invite these friends into my reality that I create in which I go out to different events, and meet different many people
6) I invite strangers along the way
7) I link these strangers with each other
8) I take control of my destiny
9) I get better at Astral Projection
10) I practice to get better at things like females, Astral Projection, etc..
11) I see the results as a result of my persistency (NO MORE LAZINESS)
12) I learn more about myself
13) I meditate regularly on the DAILY basis (once a day, at least)
14) I get my own place
15) I get my career
16) My is part of my passion, or at least it gets me started on to fulfilling my passion
17) I live life fully the way I always wanted to live it without worrying about what people think or do to get in my way
18) I interlink with like minded people and make friends who are on the same vibration with me
19) I am getting organized
20) I get a planner
21) I follow my own rules
22) I follow patterns that I lay out for myself to accomplish goals
23) I get plenty of rest
24) I get perfect amount of sleep
25) I got a schedule
26) I follow my schedule
27) I look for other opportunities outside of my current employment
28) I spread peace and love everywhere I go
29) I help those that are in need in any way I can
30) I face my fears of Astral Projection
31) I face my fears in my daily life
32) I keep track of my progress
33) I am having healthy sex life
34) I am having healthy relationships
35) I am in control of my relationships
36) I am in control and in charge of my emotions
37) I work in perfect harmony with the Universe
38) I accomplish my mission for why I came here for
39) I stay true to myself, as well as others
40) I always stand for truth, honor, discipline, and light

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Paz said...

happy new year, bro.