Saturday, January 26, 2013

Headache 4

this was all my own fault.

i woke up and drank minimum water with breakfast. meditated, drank minimum water. then drank a few sips of minimum water. i started feeling the pain at 5:30 when leaving the house on the way to work. i knew it was gonna get worse but i didnt think it was going to be this bad.

FUCKING SHIT AT AROUND 6 WHEN I START WORKING I GET HEADACHE FROM HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. OMGGGGGG. at work i am all fucked up told my coworker to get the register for me while i am in the backroom laying on the floor all fucked up. it lasted a good 40 to 50 minutes. but even then it didnt stop. after a good 2 hours it started go down, but then id still feel it 10 to 30%. even now i feel the side effects at like 5-10%. fuck me... i will never not drink water again cuz it backfires really really badly. i drank so much water i been pissing nonstop for last 3 hours.

I got a burrito at Chipotle and could just eat half of it before work because headache was so bad plus i was gonna be late. so when i started working drinking Arizona drinks (bought 4) i felt nautious, and full. like i couldnt eat and finish my burrito.


Paz said...

your body is telling you something, space. i dunno if you have insurance or a doctor BUT you should tell your doctor this. you're having headaches every so often.

Sp said...

cluer headaches, man. they come and go. doctors dont know how to fix them.

Sp said...

I meant CLUSTER headaches, btw. spelling error. my bad.