Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/21/2012 is One Week Away

I can't believe it. We are 1 week away from the biggest date that has been talked about for the last 10 years by fear mongerers, new agers, spiritualists, scientists, illuminatists, and god knows how many more types of people.

I am at a point where I am less scared and more excited. The whole 3 days of complete darkness used to scare me, but now I am more interested in whether or not that will occur. If it does, at least I am ready for it mentally. If we all die, it will be just like any other deah for anyone. Either way, it is no big deal. All I know is that I need to keep on working on myself and face my fears. I gotta work on my career and plan on how I can get on my own two feet. Get my own place, get my own JOB where it is STABLE, and find my own life in this world. I want to build a place I call home.

It's really interesting that this has been my goal since I have been in college. This was about 10 years ago. My goals were as follows: 1) find a job, 2) get a car, 3) find my own place. Now 10 years later, I am still doing soul searching and accomplishing those 3 goals. Even though the first 2 have been accomplished, #1 is not very stable, and once it is I will start working on #3.

Anyway, that's it for now. I know December 21st isn't set in stone because some say that the actual alignment date will take place on December 23rd, and there is also a possibility that it could be as late as January 2013. We will see, either way. Time will have the final say. Hmm... time... what a funny element it is. My biggest question about this whole 2012 phenomenon is, will something happen with 'time'? In other words, will time cease to exist; at least in the way we look at it. The one dimentional flow of time that never ceases to stop. Where we could only go with the flow. Where time just travels forward, never backwards. What will happen if time changes its course or lets us chose the course for it? Just something to think about.

Until next week, may the galactic alignment bring the best and most powerful forces in the universe to you and everyone you know. Peace and love, people. We are all in this together having our own individual journeys, learning our own individual lessons in this thing called life.

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Paz said...

you're doing your thing, bro. you've come a long way, man. you remember how things were 10 years ago. you were a different person from who you are now. it's good to see you grow and doing your thing, man.