Thursday, November 22, 2012

1 Month until Dec. 21, 2012

so I am chilling on my first laptop provided to me from my job, awaiting the most anticipated date in our lifetimes. so much shit been happening with me I haven't talked about.

I ordered a bunch of shit I been meaning to buy for a LONG ass time. Funny thing is, it's BLACK FRIDAY but none of the shit I bought was on sale. What type of shit is that? That's why I don't fuck with Black Fridays. They only let you have shit they want to get rid of for dirt cheap. Everything else you gotta pay a regular fee. But I am really excited when I get all the goodies in mail, except one that that I gotta pick up from Best Buy.

I gotta work tomorrow and I hear it's gonna be CRAZY. Mad customers and many of them will be cheap. But I don't care. I am excited and looking forward to it. I have never worked retail on holidays, and especially on Black Friday of all days.

what else. oh yeah, I got a car and fixed it up real good already. 2 more things I gotta fix in it and it should be set. My CC bill will be over 1k but I deserve it, and can afford it since I am working. half of the bill is something that I need, the other half is just for the stuff I been holding off on buying.

One guy at work has figured me out and I am kinda nervous. He asked me why I act like I never had sex, so I had to lie to him a little. He wanna hang out and I am open. I just gotta tell him that I am real new at parties and it is an area I suck at. But he is a cool brother. Always tells me about 40 year old virgin, lmao. He is like "that's how you get the girl! like Andy. you just be yourself and don't lie to her. tell her about your real situation." I wanna see how this all turns out. So yeah, there are some good peoples at work, and not just the negative parasites who judge others and look down on people. Met a cool ass girl in my department who is new. EVERYONE likes talking to her, even the 2 people who I had troubles with. The guy of the 2 actually starts talking to me now, and I think it's cuz I talk to everyone and was the first one talking to the new girl for like 3 hours. I am the shit, what else can I say? I don't judge people like I used to, stay to myself, and treat people how they treat me.

more on this later.


Paz said...

hey, man. laziness has me slipping hard, man. my fault for leaving you and everyone else hanging. hope you've been well and everything. hope you were able to get that new girl's phone number. :) the world isn't going to end either even though you might disagree with me on that.

Sp said...

funny. i never once said the world will end all the times i brought up the 2012 event. but that's exactly what you along with the world keeps thinking. i guess sometimes people only hear what they wanna hear.