Friday, July 29, 2011

I make people uneasy

so im at a temp job for 3 weeks. and people here seem to be cool... but they all don't really care to talk to me because I make them uneasy, or what? I dont know. I am just tired of it. tomorrow I'll just sit and read my book. fuck them all. if they come talking to me, I'll be talkative. if not, fuck em. i am comfortable at being quiet. as long as i feel grounded, i dont care.

maybe its just how things are though. they are mostly philipinos and they all gather up and chit caht joking and being retarded. i dont wanna be part of their corny ass click anyway. this one fucker NEVER say shit to me.. and we are the only 2 people the last 2 hours there. like wow dude, you play like we're cool but you probably look down on me inside.

and i thought they were some cool people. but at least half of them are cool, and talk to me when I speak with them longer than a fucking minute... female boss is cool, phillipino guy with 2 kids is cool, and one other dude is cool. women are moody and/or quiet and the rest never say a word to me.


Paz said...

oh... yeah, some of them are cool, some of them could be dickheads. only mess with the cool ones, fam.

Sp said...

yeah, im surprised at least they acknowledge my existence. back at the job in LA people there treated me like im an alien.