Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cataclysmic dreams

for a few years I been having cataclysmic dreams which are scary as hell.

this morning I woke up from one. i was at work in a modern building, an unknown location i never seen or been to before, and my coworker was attacked by some huge dude. he wrapped his hands behind his back with a thin thread and i jumped on him. he comes running me into wall, I let go & he rams into it and gets knocked out. I cut the thread w/ a knife and free my coworker. then another coworker comes from the outside and locks us inside, but i got the keys so im not worried. then my mom shows up, the window is broken. i come out and tell her to call the cops. then I go back inside and lots of people show up. now it's a gathering/party/whatever, and all of the sudden... EVERYONE STARTS SCREAMING, and I hear a loud thunder like death is near. I was about to jump out of the window, and I wake up.

The other dreams are the same Tsunami nightmares. I have a dream, and then it ends up me turning around and seeing this BIG Tsunami wave coming at me. and it's like... i KNOW this isnt real, it isnt the real reality, but it feels so fucking real... and right before the wave swallows me i wake up. in one dream i actually leave my dream body and rise up out of it, but then wake up eventually.. i dont know if these are just my own fears of 2012, or they are prophetic dreams. either way, they are scary as hell!

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