Monday, June 27, 2011

I feel this dude so much


Paz said...

gotta ask this if you don't mind. what happened to you that caused you to develop pstd?

Sp said...

pretty much what he said. a lot of violence in the household. my mom beating my ass with a belt, my dad smacking me the fuck up side the head. it's been going on since a very early age. then violence at school. people would subconsciously try to either fight me or get someone to fight me. then at some point I started to think every person i meet will get violent with me at some point. I got jumped by like 3 dudes outside of college campus and that was when I couldnt sleep all night and could never calm down since then. It was that day that PTSD was birthed. I guess my mind just couldn't take it anymore. all this negativity and nothing to balance it with with friends, girl, etc.. it was like the world collapsing on me and I can't breath. So yeah.. since that day I been dealing with PTSD. even though it's a lot better, but I still deal with it. women been treating me like shit too for most of my college years. just like Angel said it in this video, even though I already posted it. it's the truth! most people just don't know