Tuesday, January 24, 2017

If The Left Ever Regains Power, We Are Fucked

The best and most accurate article I read in 2017 so far.


From these leftist communist scum celebrating White Genocide, to laughing at Richard Spencer, a Right-wing race realist patriot, getting sucker punched by an Antifa fag, the liberals will show no mercy to any of us once and if they ever get into power again. The way America will head, is the way South Africa of today is going-White Genocide. And the death and extermination of whites will be celebrated for decades to come by communist pieces of human garbage.

Trump's victory is indeed a miracle, like the article says. I just hope he does all the right things-dismantles Common Core, throws these Frankfurt School parasites in jail, keeps attacking MSM until their inevitable death comes, bans 3rd world immigration, etc.. If not, we are truly fucked.

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