Sunday, June 2, 2013

another co-worker likes me

There is a female co-worker that really likes me. but I have not a single clue how to approach her. have tried getting with female co-workers before. it all went straight to hell and I have had bad experiences. of course its because i am an inexperienced virgin. so i just dont even bother approaching her, or any female at work. in fact, it is a good thing in a way. it's mainly because of my lack of experience. in other words, it is a good thing for me. it may not be a good thing for other guys who know what they're doing.

basically this started happening since I started working at my current job. now when I was first on the floor I got started on, this girl would always come down to use the female bathroom and then instead of going around, she'd come by my register when I was there working. there is basically 2 paths. think of it as a square with 1-4 sides. you could either chose to go through a path of 1 and 2 sides of a square, or 3 and 4. either way, you don't lose any distance and you are not looked at as weird or trying too hard. she was really hard to read because when i'd say how is it going she'd just look at me with a blank expression. I was like wtf is her problem? she is kinda cold. is she a bitch? is she mean? but then more and more she'd be acting weird. she'd come down and stay near a stairway where I could see her just to read stuff on her phone without EVER looking up or in my direction. I was like hmm.. does she like me? but then they moved my whole department to a different floor.

now a few days ago she came up to my floor and handed me and my co-worker coupons for her department. I know she likes me but I honestly have not a single clue how to talk to her. and especially now that I know she is into me, I get really nervous around her. I'd say she is cute and pretty in her own way and I would date her. but no way in hell I am ever approaching her while she's on her job. i'd probably fuck it up as I try to break through my fear not realizing what's around me (her co-workers, manager, etc..) so, I am just gonna keep it cool and if the universe have it its way I would meet her somewhere where there is only me and her. if that happens, I'll strike up a convo then and there.


Anonymous said...

so weak! read this back as if someone else wrote it. doesn't it make you wanna punch the dude? take a chance and stop waiting on shit.

Anonymous said...

space there's absolutely no reason for you to still be a virgin. smh at your stupid lil self doubts. they mean nothing

Anonymous said...

If u write a post like this again I'm going to hunt down your sibarian ass and kill u.

Sp said...

you guys don't get it, do you?

I have a severe case of PTSD when I try to go talk to co-workers. Just walking by that Palestinian girl's department after all of what happened makes me scared and feel paranoid. I look in her area. is she there? Other times I avoid looking in her area. Will I appear needy if I do? is she looking at me? how do I look? etc.. I start to get real self-conscious JUST VISITING THE AREA!

all this fear and for NOTHING. and on top of that, I completely disregard on what is happening around me like who else is there? could this be a perfect time to just go there and chit chat? etc.. all this fear numbs me from seeing anything else. I AM DONE MESSING WITH CO-WORKERS, PERIOD! if it happens where I see her somewhere and she is by herfself, I'll say something. Until then, I DONT GIVE A FUCK!

I feel more confident flirting with random girls on the street, and I do sometimes.

But co-workers are just that, co-workers. There may be another episode with this girl. who knows? The chapter is still open...