Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am back from the retreat almost 2 weeks ago. don't really feel like talking about it, but to summarize it this whole Judaism really isnt for me. one thing that was amazing was how accepting i felt there. just by me being Jewish they all accepted me and treated me like family. it is very interesting how cultures are. and Jewish culture is no acception. I can have free Friday dinner every Friday by going to Shabbas dinner. I can just pick any Shabbas get together in any state or city and go there, say that I am Jewish and get free food.

anyway, I had a surgery on my scrotum on Tuesday and it is still sore. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be but i still cannot believe i went through it. doc opened up my scrotum and removed a what appeared to be a cyst. it wasnt bothering me for the most part, but it would hurt periodically. I didnt have to remove it but it was my choice. I chose to have a surgery.

Lying there on the table was so freaking nerve wrecking. Funny thing is, all the people in the surgical room were females. 1 doctor, and 3 nurses. I wasnt all that emberrased cuz I honestly dont give a fuck. I was more scared than anything. she gave a shot into my nut and i could barely relax my body parts. now I am wearing this jock strap and I got a 1 inch incision with thread on my testicle. But I am really really glad I did this. Now I can put all of this worrying behind me and move on with my life achieving what I want to achieve.


Paz said...

holy shit. you doing okay, bro? you made me cringe when you said that, breh. hopefully, that doesn't affect you. that is nasty as fuck, man. get well, man.

Sp said...

yeah, i am okay. thanks. just a little sore when i sit a certain way. i should do a full recovery within about 3 weeks. just not sure if the thread is gonna dissipate into my nut, or the doc is gonna remove it.