Tuesday, February 14, 2012

why do I smoke Marijuana? my 1st Poem

why do I still smoke?

everytime I lit up I get so paranoid
I get so bored with my life feeling like I am the last humanoid
it's the stress and the lack of things in life
that gets me to smoke more weed at night
last Saturday I was so high watching Office Space
got so freaked out at some point went outside looking into space
sitting on cold concrete looking at Orion
asking it to help me feeling like a cub of a lion
all lost roaming the jungle in no particular direction
looking for my lost family i cant seem to find at any intersection
weed makes me feel less bored but it freaks me out
i want to quit it and live my life but i have doubts
i dont know what else to say except that I won't smoke again
only to find myself months later with the same pipe in my hand
marijuana is not healthy for me, i just know it
maybe one day i will really quit
when i dont smoke i feel clear in mind and calm in spirit
but when i do i get new ideas, most of which i fear it
i gotta go this is taking me too long
i got a doc appointment, in 12 mins i should be gone

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