Thursday, November 24, 2011

my friend treats me like a Credit Card

so I just got back home from my friend's Thanksgiving dinner, and feel like shit. yesterday he calls me "hey man i need a favor". I'm like ok, whats up? "i need you to let me borrow $15 because there is this turkey that is on sale for 5 and i need to buy groceries worth $20. I'm like okay... he helped me with some approaches and being social with people, and I'll help.

I get my ass there within a few hours and then the $5 turkeys are gone, and now there is $10 turkeys. so the $15 favors turns into a $50 favor. and I feel like i just got used again.. by him.

at the dinner today I couldnt eat ANYTHING because everything was meat, I paid for his turkey, his chicken, his cheese, and since I am mostly a vegan, i just sat there stared at the food. I am so fucking mad. I feel like he calls me when none of his other friends can help and hes like "oh, i know exactly who to call". like im a fucking credit card that he can just access whenever his friends wont help. and the most fucked up part about it is, I DONT EVEN WORK! i am using my savings to help him while his friends with JOBS dont want to do shit for him. and the most fucked up thing about it is, whenever i go around HIS friends he talks to them 90% and me 10% of the time. it's like he changes completely and his attention gets divided 90/10 when his friends are around.. i mean like... WTF!?!?!?!? and I'm supposed to keep helping him when he is in need? FUCK YOU! I will never buy anything for him anymore, ESPECIALLY meat since I dont even spend $ on meant myself.

THIS IS JUST........ STRAIGHT BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the even more fucked up thing is, when he was helping out in public teaching me how to approach people he said he is planning on making a free workshop to help guys on being social and he needs $40 for a sylabis he will print at Kinkos or wherever the fuck... and I was like 'ok, ill pay for it since it will be free for everyone' on some.. ill sponsor that shit. but now that he got a job and starts on monday, most likely THERE WILL BE NO FREE WORKSHOP. so I just paid him $40 for absolutely NOTHING and $50 that was supposed to be $15.. WHAT TYPE OF BULLSHIT IS THIS!??!!?!

and even worse thing is, he thinks he is my best friend since he is my ONLY friend. but he treats me like shit. like whenever he needs a credit card he just calls my ass and charges me or some shit.. i didnt wanna ruin his thanksgiving and not said anything, but the next time hell call me for ANOTHER favor ill be like FUCK YOU, you are a really bad friend.

thank GOD his girl (friend) was a vegan so i could at least talk to her, but his male friend was all joking with us like "how do you know they [chickens, cows, etc..] dont like it [being tortured, boiled alive, etc..]" and im thinking like.. "i know im not the best socializer or the one who understands social things but that shit is just RUDE!" how you gonna make jokes like that when we feel so strongly against all the animal cruelties and try to be funny. i dont know. i just think its rude and tacky. im gonna fucking post a lecture by Gary soon on what really goes down in the meat industry for however little people visit my blog. i am tired of all the sheep consuming energy that is stolen from nature without its permission. humans make me sick sometimes.

there is so much more i wanna say about my friend, but ill leave it at that for now. fucking TIRED of his ass using me and ill tell him next time when he asks for yet ANOTHER favor. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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